23:59, 28. February 2013

Catboarding at Skeena, British Columbia

Last week one crew went to Skeena in British Columbia. While the second crew kept filming in Austria.

Nicholas Wolken, Manuel Bernert, Levi Luggen and Alvaro Vogel together with their filmer Neil Mowbray and fellow friend and photgrapher Silvano Zeiter went catboarding at Skeena Mountains, also known as the Skeenas, are a subrange of the Interior Mountains of northern British Columbia, Canada, essentially flanking the upper basin of the Skeena River.

The all crew had an amazing week there: really good food, fresh powder everyday and jam sessions with Lynn and Jevon.


Jevon making sure we have enough gas for the day


Manu sending a nice McTwist on the hip


Jevon picking us up after an amazing run


Levi tweeking it hard - FS5 indy at Skeena


Alva ollie over the pillow! Skeena has so many pillows to jump over and bonk it!


Amazing snow conditions


Our cool truck! To bad we got stuck a couple of times. Too much snow up there


Jevon was taking care of us on the mountain and Lynn was taking care of us at the lodge - thank you both! You are amazing!Nicholas_wolke_skeena

daily pool tournament - Nicholas Wolken


Silvano trying to get some sleep before flying home


Big thanks to Jevon, Lynn, Scott Martin, Scott Heale, Katie, Catskiing Canada, Skeena Catskiing and everyone who helped us out during this trip.

Have a nice weekend!